Avianna graduated from Western Illinois University as a Departmental Scholar in Theatrial Directing.

After college she helped launch Arda Wigs where she acted as a PR and Web Administrator for their first online store. A few years later, she moved to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams in wig and costume design. She's worked on wigs and costumes for such productions as: Cirque's Micheal Jackson: One, Vegas the Show, Zombie Burlesque, Benny Benassi at the Marquee Night Club, multiple guests at Hakkasan Night Club and has made costume pieces for numerous character actors at e3.

In 2015, Avianna decided to broaden her skill set even further by venturing back into PR work and moved to LA for a few years to become a community manager at WayForward Technologies and eventually Tic Toc Games.

When not doing video game PR, she streams cosplay crafting and video games on her partnered Twitch channel, LadyAvianna. Avianna has created numerous costumes from TV shows, movies and video games but is most recognized for her work in horror, which also happens to be her favorite genre.


Name: Emily
Birthday: January 23rd 1984
Location: Las Vegas
Height/ Weight: 5’5″ / 120 lbs
Occupation: Community Manager/ PR

Favorite Food: Sushi & Breakfast

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Favorite Video Games: Silent Hill Series, Suikoden II, Final Fantasy 6, 7 & 9, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Legends of Dragoon & Ark: Survival Evolved

Favorite TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, American Horror Story & Game of Thrones

Favorite Movies: Lost in Translation, Willow, Princess Bride, Spirited Away, Wall-E, & Bladerunner

Favorite Anime: Serial Experiment Lain, Paradise Kiss & Madoka Magica