24 Hour Cosplay Challenge (Cosplay 1 - Lisa)

I'm excited to announce that this Saturday, August 18th 2018, I'll be streaming a very special two part series called "24 Hour Cosplay Challenge" on Twitch. For the 1st 24 Hour Challenge I will be making "Lisa" from PT aka Silent Hills.

Update: The 2nd 12 hour stream will be August 25th 2018 at 1pm PDT.


How it Works

The rules of the challenge are simple. Create a costume in a 24 hours. This 24 hour period will be cut into two 12 hour sessions. All items for the costume creation have been purchased (Minus a few that will be in the 2nd 12 hours of the challenge) and it all starts from the moment I lay out the fabric and start cutting!



  • Costume Clothing Creation

  • Detail Work (In this case distressing)

  • Wig Work

  • The Final Makeup

  • Bonus Points! Photoshoot


During the stream I'll be rewarding people who donate. All donations will be going to help pay for my recent car issues and a good chunk will go back into buying makeup for the 2nd 12 hours when I'll be doing a majority the Lisa horror makeup. (Latex, Skin Wax, Mouth Slime, the WORKS!) Donation rewards include:

  • $5 - Your name written on the costume and an exclusive PT Lisa digital print

  • $30 - A physical print of PT Lisa (Plus all above prizes)

  • $60 - A Instax photo of PT Lisa, so its very personal to you! (Plus all above Prizes)

(These prices cover shipping in the US. International shipping may need to be added. These rewards do not apply to subs or bits. Rewards for those TBA)

Join my community and me at 1pm PDT 8/18/18 for the first 12 hrs, and 1pm PDT 8/25/18 for the 2nd 12 hours. Don't touch that dial now, we're just getting started!