BB Hood

Series: Darkstalkers/Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Year Made: 2013


I like being cute and bloody. I liked playing BB Hood in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I had fabric. ???? Profit. I got to wear this costume with the awesome Hezachan as Morrigan.

I made this costume entirely with fabric from my grandma's attic. The apron is reversible so I can be bloody. The props are the best part and I still want more. I have big pockets in my bloomers to hide them all. The shoes I heavily altered from a sad pair of loafers from Goodwill.  Wig is a Katinka in Platinum Blonde from Arda Wigs.

Photos: XGeek, Danny Hong, EBK, David Ngo, B2, Bill Brown, Nude Carbon Studios