Left 4 Dead 2



Series: Left 4 Dead 2
Year Made: 2011


When I got to Colossalcon 2011, I hadn't finished many costumes. My friends were doing Left 4 Dead 2 costumes and I thought. "Why don't I do a zombie to be in the background of your pictures?" We headed to Walmart so I could get some supplies. I spent $5 on fake nails for the teeth, leggings, a tank top and a tub of "Kid Slime." Back at the hotel room one of our roommates had a color wheel, some latex and fake blood. I used cotton balls and toilet paper and 2 hours later I had done the make up and thus the antics started.

Yes, Reddit user SolidCakes, my boobs aren't saggy enough. I'll cosplay her again when I'm 80 just for you.

Photos: Bonk & Ed Komenda